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“SILVERFORM”  Jewellery

100% Australian Made - 100% Natural Australian Gemstones - 99% Pure Silver  


If you may be interested in any of our SilverForm products; please

Contact Us.

 How it works:

You advice which stone and size group you like to look at.

As each piece is unique, we send you a number of pieces from which you can choose the ones you would like to keep, and which to return.

We pay the postage to you and you the return back to us.

How easy is that…?  

No commitment…

No selling pressure…

No hurried decision making…

Printed signs as shown is supplied with the goods.

Swing tags, with product info, are also supplied with each piece purchased.


We use ONLY

Australian Gemstones:




Moss Agate


Boulder Opal

Only Pure Silver is used, or Pure Silver which has been

Hard Gold Plated.

(Our product is NOT copper based with just a flash plating of Silver or Gold.)

Each piece is unique  and each require a considerable amount of time to prepare and make.

As Pure Silver is used in the manufacturing process, the tarnishing process is reduced.

100% Australian Made!

“Made in Australia…

by Australians…

for many Australians’

to enjoy!”

Above SilverForm pendants are “X.Small”: 30-40mm high

Re Pendants above:

They can be worn showing either side (see two top rows); A nice option!


Chains are not included, but can be supplied seperatly.


The height of these X.Small pendants range from  approx. 30-40 mm.


Larger sizes are also available, see photo.


Smaller sizes,

suitable as a charm

or a child’s pendant,

 are supplied with  jumpring style bails.

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Large Jumpring Size

Small Jumpring Size

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