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If enquiring about gemstone(s), please provide as many of the listed specifications as you can.

It is important to do so as it help ensure that we select and supply you with goods that are as close to what you and/or your customer actually require.

Carat weight in Coloured Stones does not relate to a specific mm size due to variables between different Gemstones, like specific gravity and style of cutting.

Be wary of customers asking for “Corn Flower Blue” (not many city people have seen or taken real notice of an actual corn flower) and make sure that they don’t expect a Royal Blue or perhaps a Royal Blue in a slightly lighter shade.

Check List for when Requesting Goods:

1) Stone (and origin, if relevant)

2) Shape (and alternatives, if any)

3) Specific feature (a pair, Certificated, not treated)

4) Colour (Very Light, Light, Medium, Deep, Very Deep)

5) Colour and description, if any (Lemon, Golden, etc.)

6) mm sizes, min & max (any depth restriction?)

7) Quantity (pieces or carats)

8) Quality (Low, Medium or High) OR better still;

9) Budget Range/Limit (save time, postage, effort and     not miss a sale due to drawn out “guessing game”)

The reason why we have colour descriptions like Pigeon Blood, Ox Blood, Corn Flower Blue, Padparadscha (Lotus Flower) etc. is that the people extracting gems from nature are also observing nature’s colours.

Miners walking past corn fields or ponds with Lotus Flowers are very much aware of the colours they see.

So, when miners are having a discussion about a stone’s colour, they can pretty much accurately relate between themselves as to what the colour in fact is, whilst not physically having the stone in front of them.

This is not the case with City people where very few get to actually see pigeon blood, corn flower or lotus flower (padparadcha Sapphire) for example, but nevertheless use such description freely.

It is far better to get the customer to describe a colour that all parties involved have had “live” experience with and are quite familiar with.

City people will know Fire Engine Red, but not very likely what Oxblood or Pigeon Blood Red looks like.

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