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 T R A D I N G   T E R M S

These terms are ONLY applicable to the general public.

(Terms relating to Jewellery Trade Customers are as stipulated on our CONSIGNMENT/APPROVAL  NOTES and our INVOICES.)

( See: Trading With Us )


For our convenience and your protection, we prefer your payment to be made via PayPal,

Note; You do not have to be registered with PayPal in order to pay with your credit card.

BUT; if you are one of those that prefer not to use PayPal; please


Within maximum 5 working days (normally 1 to 3 days) after payment.

…Within Australia;

We use Australia Post Express which may be an over night or a two days delivery service,

depending on your Post Code.

The parcel is at our risk whilst in transit and until you receive it.

You have to sign for the parcel when you receive it.

The cost of postage & handling is A$15.00


If shipped by Registered Post; the cost of postage & handling is US$15.00 with transit time likely to be more than one week, depending on country of destination.

If shipped by EMS; the cost of postage & handling is US$30.00 but with transit time being only a matter of days.

PLEASE NOTE: Some items may have a different postage cost to the above.

Some items may have none at all.  


You have the right to return goods that are FAULTY.

By law, we are obliged to REPLACE any FAULTY item.

If we are not able to REPLACE the item, you are entitled to have your money REFUNDED.

Alternatively, you may want a CREDIT and purchase something else instead, your choice!


If you are not HAPPY with the item you have PURCHASED; we are NOT required by law to EXCHANGE or make REFUND.

Nevertheless, we MAY exchange an item at our DISCRETION.

It is, however, ESSENTIAL that you notify us IMMEDIATELY upon receiving the item and let us know WHY you are not happy with it.

We are not likely to offer, or agree, to an exchange days after the item was received and perhaps may have been used.

Exchange is only possible, if the original item is returned in the same condition as shipped to you.

In case of an exchange; YOU will have to pay the postage back to us, as well as OUR postage & handling for shipping the exchanged item to you.

You are responsible for anything you send to us whilst in transit and until received by us.

(You should therefore take care when choosing mode of shipping to us.

We highly recommend that, when lodging a parcel to be sent to us, you stipulate that we have to sign upon receipt of the parcel.)


We are not required by law to make refunds, unless the item supplied was FAULTY and we are unable to REPLACE the faulty item.

We may, nevertheless do so, if circumstances warrants it.

DO NOT return any goods until, and unless you have communicated with us beforehand.

In placing an order with us you are accepting our terms and conditions.

Please email us (Click here), if you have any queries.

Australian Consumer Laws;

The laws are very strong and overseen by various Australian Government agencies

where advice and/or complaints can be lodged, including from outside of Australia;

ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission)
ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission)
Fair Trading (NSW)


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