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                                        Welcome to the Trade Section of our web site!

Surfsands is run “on the smell of an oily rag” with minimal overheads and, in order to “stay in the game”  these days; minimal profit margins.

BUT; there is nothing “minimal” about the range and depth of stock carried.  In particular when it comes to Sapphires, Rubies and Opals.

As far as most of the other Gemstones that we carry are concerned; we can match current selling prices in Bangkok provided the quantity you require is significant, payment is COD, the quality of the Bangkok goods is comparable with ours and that we have in stock what specifically is required.

We are normally happy to accept the “current Bangkok price” as the price quoted by one company, but if that price seem to be abnormally low (perhaps due to dumping, product discontinuation or business closure), we may require prices quoted by other companies, as well.

Business is ultimately about making a profit… that’s why it is critical to know from where to source whatever a customer may want… or loose a sale!

For that purpose, you may like to print the Contact & Products Details page and keep it handy.

Below is “RECEIPT FOR GOODS ON CONSIGNMENT” which sets out our Terms & Conditions under which we supply goods on approval.

                                        What WE can do for you… and YOU for us…

WE do not have a minimum quantity and/or value restriction on orders from our frequent/regular customers.

Our normal credit terms to approved customers is 30 days from date of invoice.

We may extend our terms to regular customers whom, for some reason that is relevant to the sale, would like longer terms.

In cases where we have not received, or approved an Application for Account, we can supply by COD or EFT to our bank account.

Although we do charge interest on overdue accounts; we do allow another 30 days grace period, to our regular customers, before interest is applied. The interest, when then applied, is calculated from the invoice’s Due Date.

We don’t have a fixed deadline for returning goods sent to you on approval.  

We recognise that it may not suit a manufacturer to make an instant decision or, if you are a retailer; that it can take many days for your customer to make it back to the store to inspect and decide on any approval goods.

We normally won’t invoice you for goods sent to you on approval, until you advise us to… or, if the goods are not returned when requested by us.

We pay the postage when shipping to you; and

YOU pay the postage when returning approval goods back to us.

Pay invoices on time, else; phone us!    (Hassle free payments converts into hassle free supply… and the supply of goods is a business’ lifeblood!)

Fill in the Application for Account form and submit, fax or mail it.

To avoid having to wait for an Application to be checked, verified and approved sometime in the future and when goods may suddenly be required and time is of the essence, it may be a good idea to have the application processed beforehand.

And lastly; Please bear us in mind whenever you require any goods that we are likely to have.

For that purpose, you may like to print the Contact & Products Details page and keep it handy.

                                      RECEIPT FOR GOODS ON CONSIGNMENT

It is expressly agreed and declared by and between the customer and SURFSANDS PTY. LTD. (Surfsands) that the goods are received for inspection only and must be returned to Surfsands on demand, in full and in it's original form and condition and are at the customer's full risk until payment has been made in full or the goods returned to Surfsands.

It is further agreed and declared that Surfsands does not vest the customer with power to sell, pledge or otherwise dispose of the goods and that the legal property in the goods the subject of this receipt do not pass from Surfsands to the customer at any time prior to due payment being made for the same by the customer to Surfsands or, in any other case until notice in writing is given by Surfsands to the customer that credit has been duly approved and the account of the customer duly charged for the goods.

If payment is made by cheque the receipt of such cheque shall not be deemed a payment until the same is duly collected.

Where the customer is a trust, company or partnership, in consideration of such trust, company or partnership being able to receive goods on consignment from Surfsands the person acknowledging receipt of these goods and whose signature appears on this receipt agree to indemnify Surfsands and to keep indemnifying Surfsands from any losses and costs, including legal costs, that  Surfsands may incur as a result of such trust, company or partnership's non compliance with the above terms and conditions and it is further declared and agreed that immediately upon any non compliance by the customer the value of the goods consigned shall be due and payable by the signatory upon demand from Surfsands.

Any such losses and costs incurred by Surfsands will be added to the customer's account and interest will be charged from the day Surfsands suffered the loss or made payment of costs.

Pursuant to Section 66(2) of the Supreme Court Act 1986,

interest is payable at the current rate prescribed in the Penalty Interest Act 1983 on accounts outstanding beyond the due date.

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