- 8F432E68E4AAB34D92D0F87DB1EFB15C


7.05 carats

17.86 mm Long

8.35 mm Wide

4.24 mm Deep

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Because of a number of variables; including camera settings, lighting, your computer screen and its settings/adjustments etc.,

it is always a challenge to try to capture, convey and re-produce the exact colour of any item.

 This is particularly difficult in the case of coloured Gemstones where the purity or the blend of colours, the strength/depth of colour, the clarity of the stone and hence its colour, are all critical to one’s perception of a particular Gemstone.

 And also; how to clearly convey the three dimensional view (liveliness) of a Gemstone in a two dimensional environment.

 Notwithstanding that all efforts are made to convey an as true as possible view of each Gemstone; due to the inherent difficulties as set out above, there will always to some degree be some difference when a Gemstone is physically viewed.

(The continuous movement of a stone in a video gives a far better perception as to the stone’s actual colour.)